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Koululinux Generations

Koululinux Generations

Kirjoittajan mukaan: Kai Hendry <> 
Päiväyksen mukaan: 2004-05-13 17:58:45

I’ve written some bits about Peltola here (which I will probably update
with this email):

After studying ActiveDirectory and OpenLDAP, I don’t think blaming
migration issues on ActiveDirectory per se is correct. Sure, if you
migrated ActiveDirectory to OpenLDAP there might be problems
authenticating proprietary software to OpenLDAP, but all the same they
are not show stoppers. Problems can be resolved. All you need is the
will and the people with the skills.

Skolelinux is a *working* distribution nearing 1.0 release which is
meant for people with the will, rather than the skills. It is a
fantastic starting point for building a school network from nothing and
learning about what services a complete system solution should be
running. Skolelinux’s tight integration, software package choices and
testing saves time. However fitting Skolelinux into existing
heterogeneous system (school or business) architecture from the CD boot
menu is not going to happen.

In short:

If you’re starting from scratch, Skolelinux is brilliant.

If you trying to “Linuxify” your existing solution, you are not going to
find a CD to solve your problems. You need the people.

I am not so worried that changes don’t happen immediately, as the
generation familiar with Windows and other proprietary systems such as
Novell need to practically die out first. You can’t teach an old dog new

Seriously, I’m not confident that the older (or rather current)
generation typically in control will be able to handle the change (or
worse) be ineffective (to harmful degrees) in managing opensource
software unless they are inherently familiar with the recent phenomena.

So in conclusion as much as I would like to see Linux in schools today,
I willing to take a back seat and let time do the work for me. A
computer science graduate nowadays can’t afford not to know about

On that note, I will be retiring from Skolelinux development to
concentrate on graduating from school by the end of the year, in order
to become one of those next generation graduates. 😉

Thank you for your time, I have learnt a lot working on this project.
Received on Thu May 13 18:00:20 2004