Aschwin van der Woude

  • Name: Aschwin van der Woude
  • Title: Chairman
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +358 50 5676665

The last several years I have been using Linux exclusively for my work and private affairs. Before this time I used Linux for various activities, including its use as a firewall and server in student-appartement building.

In my humble opinion Linux and Open Source/Free software methodologies in general are the next evolutionary step for the whole IT-industry.

Linux-Aktivaattori was founded to promote Linux inside Finland, on our project-page you can see what our current activities include.

If you have ideas on promoting Linux effectively I am eager to hear about them.

Thanks for your interest,



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  • Kernel_2.6l-presentation.sxi: Presentation: 2.6 kernel

Some links

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Linux-Aktivaattori TODO

  • Contact Linux helpdesk
  • Membership cards after we secured:
    • Discounts from dataclub
    • Discounts from IT-press
    • Joined O’reilly usergroup programme
  • Create sponsor-plan with Victor (post-poned)
  • Prepare Linux course
  • Gnome-fi hosted by L-A


  • Sakari is working on:
    • FLUG ‘Linux at schools’ project
      Need to find a way to cooperate, perhaps the eLearning stuff helps here.
    • LPI certification
    • Tieke Linux driving-license
    • Demo CD project
  • lecture_kouvola_localisation_tools.sxi: Localisation presentation for Kouvola