Tero Kuusela

  • Name: Tero Kuusela
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Blog: http://www.teroajk.net/blog/
  • Phone: +358 40 747 0099
  • Roles:
    • Linux-aktivaattori ry: vice-chairman
    • Turuxi: working group leader
    • Other ongoing L-A projects I’m involved in:
    • Finished projects I was the project leader in:
      • Aguri 2003
      • VaaliKyselyEU2004
      • Avoimien ohjelmien päivä 2005
    • Some other finished L-A projects I was involved in (probably not all):
      • FLUGDemoDayParticipation
      • LinuxAktivaattoriBusinessCards
      • LinuxAktivaattoriMembershipCards
      • ProjectWorkingGroupClarification
      • VisionProcess
      • MissionProcess
      • WebsiteEvolution
      • ContentManagementSystem
    • In addition to the above, I am/was, alone or with others, representing Linux-Aktivaattori in the following non-L-A activities:
      • DebConf5 (the annual Debian conference, summer 2005)
      • “Avoimet ohjelmistot” working group in Turku (ongoing)

About me

I study Computer Science at the University of Turku and have been using Linux for several years. My other interests include martial arts, nature, natural languages, educational sciences, mythologies and quotations among others.

I love to teach people new and useful things. This has motivated me to found my own company to offer computer usage training and other courses using Free and Open Source software. The company has another focus area in wellfare of working environments and keeping up working ability, which will be handled by my wife, who is an expert of that area.

I’m also involved in several volunteer projects promoting FLOSS and known to be a strong believer in this concept. I’ve worked in FLOSS projects both as a programmer and a translator. In addition, I’ve sent ideas and documentation fixes for some projects.

I’m also the project leader of two projects – if I only had time to work on them – namely Tracksail (a small sailing game) and OpenExVis (a visualizer of program execution, I did this one as a Google Summer of Code project in 2005). There’s also one project where I’m one of the founders, Tuxletics, but it’s been dormant for some time. I really regret that I haven’t had time to work on any of these for quite a while

I’ve probably done more, but I tend to be involved in so many things I forget most of my small contributions.

My work in Linux-Aktivaattori

One of the first tasks I did as a L-A member was writing an article about a free and open source theme evening held by VSTKY. The article is written in finnish.

I was elected to be the vice-chairman of Linux-Aktivaattori on 03.07.2003 and have held the position from there on. I have also done my share in creating an active user group in Turku and have been the leader of the Turuxi working group since 26.06.2003 – that is, as long as it’s been one. In addition, I created a one-man project for the European Parliament elections of 2004 in Finland, VaaliKyselyEU2004. I’m also involved in several other L-A projects.

On 13.11.2004, I was elected to continue my role as a member of the L-A board. I also received an even greater honor as I was voted as the Member of the Year 2004. Thus far, our members have trusted me with the board position in all subsequent board elections as well.

Recommended reading for L-A people


  • I stumbled upon this link that provides good advice regarding project management. Most of it is applicable to L-A.