Linux Activator is a Finnish, non-profit association that promotes the use of Linux and other Open Source software in both private and professional environments.

We strive to achieve our goal by cooperating with various organizations as much as possible and by launching our own projects as needed.


In order to be as straightforward as possible to participate in our operations, anyone with a good idea and enough time to implement it can start the project in the Linux Activator. The project may work with the same person over a long period of time and may stop for a short period of time by participating. More helpers can be found in the project, and if there is enough, the project may decide to change its way of working as a working group.

The working group has defined the goal and reports on its progress on a regular basis. The working group also typically has a defined structure and continuous operation.

The work group may develop independently, allowing it to continue operating independently of the Linux Activator.


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As a non-profit association, we are always in need of helping hands and thoughts. We need help in projects and working groups.

If you would like to participate in our business, send us a message to our info address , and you can also join the Linux Activator .

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