Finland will vote in elections to the European Parliament on 13 June 2004 and in the preliminary vote from 02 to 08 June 2004. In my search engine and polls I did not get a preliminary look at IT issues, so I got myself involved and sent to all the candidates who just emailed me, my own questionnaire. From the beginning I decided to put the answers on the web to see which message I told the candidates, and Aschwin agreed to put them on LA’s pages under the projects.

Even though these answers are on LA’s site, I made a query as a private person, not for LA or any other organization. The survey is intended to help all IT people regardless of their views. For LA’s site, this is mainly because it’s easy for me to modify and I believe that online resources here will last better than, for example, on my own pages.

I tried to keep the questions fairly neutral and sent them to the neutral email address. My personal view of what “hot topics” are, of course, can not be seen in them somewhat, but I try to avoid the introduction. The message I have sent can be found here .

Nor do I intend to allow any of LA’s (or any other) submissions under this project, such interested ones will launch a new project that will not be linked here. That is, here we are providing information, discussion elsewhere, and here’s no link to any conversation or should be linked to all of them.

The messages were sent in the evening on May 26, 2004 and this page was opened on May 27, 2004. It is likely that several additional responses will take place before the election day. I’m still developing the page further – the proposals are naturally received!

I would like to remind everyone that when making a decision on voting, it is not worth stubbornly staring at just this or any other questionnaire, but it is worth checking out the other opinions of the influential candidates in one area before making a final decision. You should also look at other polling machines and queries . I would also recommend personally to contact some of the best candidates for the final decision.

Finland’s election campaign so that in these elections it is not possible to avoid voting for his party as a candidate. In Finland these elections are used in so-called ” the proportional election method, exactly the d’Hondt method, in which the votes of one party’s candidates are first counted together, and the sum of those sums are counted by the candidates coming to Parliament (more information, for example here ). In practice, this means that even if your nominee does not go through, your voice can help his party through someone else – and if he gets through, your vote can help one another through his party companion. I therefore recommend that you also look at the positions of the candidates of the candidates you have considered.


The questions were deliberately open and partly ambiguous. In this way, the answers are not just about the position, but also the glimpse of the defendant’s personality and approach directions to a few things.

  • How would you rate your overall IT skills level?
  • How do you use the computer and what software?
  • What do you think are the most reliable IT companies in the world?
  • How do you shape your position on IT issues?
  • What is your position on software patents?
  • How much do you know about free / open software?
  • What kind of connections do you have IT companies and non-governmental organizations?
  • Who are you able to name the Finnish IT industry?
  • What else would you like to tell yourself about the Finnish influential IT industry?

The answer situation

Left Alliance 4 15 1 20
SDP 7 1 12 20
Coalition 4 16 20
SKP 5 15 20
Green 7 13 20
Liberals **) 6 7 2 15
Suoman Kansan Sinivalk. *) 8 8
For the Poor Case *) 20 20
The Christian Democrats 1 14 15
The True Finns 1 4 5
Center 6 14 20
Retd. For People’s Affairs 12 12
Finland-Fatherland *) 12 12
RKP 4 16 20
All 45 1 166 15 227
Shipped in total 212
The response 21.2%
  • VE = Answer On display
  • OD = Expect confirmation (eg I want to split a unified answer by question)
  • EV = No Responded
  • EL = No Posted
  • YHT = ONE of their candidates
  • *) = Submitted to party address
  • **) = Submitted to the party address, but one of the candidates contacted and reported that the message had not been sent to it by giving some email addresses. Only the party address sent to the column EL.