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Welcome to Linux-Aktivaattori


Linux-Aktivaattori is a finnish non-profit organisation promoting the use of Linux in both private use and in professional environments.

The Vision

We see a novel, more dynamic and innovative software landscape evolving. Most software products and information services for individuals and organisations will be based on Free and Open Source software and its development model.

Linux-Aktivaattori, as a community-driven organisation, stimulates use and development of Free and Open Source software, and is the umbrella organisation for such efforts in Finland.

The Organisation

Linux-Aktivaattori is an open organisation, with a transparent structure. To communicate this transparency clearly, here a organisation-chart:

  • Organisational chart (click to enlarge):


Our process

We achieve our goals, of promoting and stimulating the use of Linux in Finland, by facilitating the development of ideas from its initial spark, up to active working-groups and perhaps even spin-off organisations. A more detailed description of the process is found on LinuxAktivaattoriProcess.

  • Process (click to enlarge):


Our activities currently involve the organisation of events, writing white-papers and creating promotional material. Progress on these activities can be read from our Newsletters. You can also join our announcements mailing list to receive newsletters and other news when it’s published. The LinuxAktivaattoriCalendar shows all planned activities on a single page.


If you are interested in joining Linux-Aktivaattori and helping to promote Linux, read more on the JoinOrg page. Alternatively you can join our next meeting.


As we are a non-profit organisation, we depend on volunteers. To make it easier to step up as a volunteer, we made a list of roles that need a persom to fulfil it.

Internal policy

LinuxAktivaattoriPolicy describes our policy which has been agreed upon during board meetings, but doesn’t belong to the official rules.