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Online Software Development Courses Recommended by Google

Software engineering is one of the most popular (and best-paid long-term) careers today. Learn programming, and other computer engineering expertise can be very useful, even if you work in other professional branches. The technology is already fully available. Would you like to acquire that knowledge? What courses do would you take? Google has a few recommendations for you.


If you are not familiar already, Google publishes a complete guide with suggestions on how to acquire knowledge and online courses to learn from. And the best thing about it is that they are mostly free. It is designed for people who want to study at a university level but also serves for anyone who wants to acquire computer skills at their own pace.

Google divided the recommendations into academic and non-academic knowledge. In the first group, the company recommends to learn how to program in C++, Java or Python (at least one of them) and another language like Java Script, CSS, HTML, Ruby, PHP, C, Perl, Lisp or Scheme. Also, it suggests that you should try to test your code, develop your logical and mathematical thinking, understand perfectly the operation of algorithms, data structures, and operating systems. Moreover, you should learn about artificial intelligence, cryptography, and parallel computing. For each of these disciplines, here you can consult the online courses that Google recommends, given by MIT, Udacity or Coursera.

For non-academic knowledge, Google recommends working on projects outside University (building a robot, your website, your server…) and with other programmers; practice your knowledge of algorithms and programming; teach other students with less experience to strengthen your skills, and gain experience as a software engineering intern.

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